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New, Used, and Reconditioned Low Voltage Switchgear from BCS

BCS Switchgear is a name that is synonymous with quality used low voltage switchgear at affordable prices. Since company founder Cody Whisenhunt started BCS in 1999, bringing a dozen years of industrial electrical equipment to his new venture, BCS has developed a solid reputation throughout the switchgear industry. A strong commitment to excellence and providing world-class service to our customer base is the reason why BCS should be your supplier of switchgear products.

Featuring Top Low Voltage Switchgear Manufacturers Like Cutler Hammer and GE

BCS’s extensive inventory includes used low voltage switchgear products from leading manufacturers. For instance, if your needs call for low voltage starters, the BCS product line consists of dozens from industry stalwarts like General Electric and Cutler Hammer. In addition to top quality, all switchgear-related products sold by BCS offer competitive pricing to suit even the tightest equipment budgets.

Used Low Voltage Switchgear is also Available

If your switchgear requirements do not call for brand-new equipment, or if you’re simply looking for ways to reduce operating costs, consider purchasing used low voltage switchgear from BCS. Because it comes from BCS, you’ll know that any used low voltage switchgear you purchase will meet stringent standards for quality and reliability. You’ll receive equipment you can depend on while saving precious dollars in the process.

The Reconditioned Low Voltage Switchgear Alternative

In many cases, reconditioned products can function just as well as those that just rolled off an assembly line. This definitely holds true when you purchase reconditioned low voltage switchgear products from BCS. Every reconditioned low voltage switchgear product from BCS must meet the highest of quality standards. After all, our reputation depends on each and every piece of equipment we sell, whether new, used, or reconditioned. To help ease your concerns about buying reconditioned low voltage switchgear, BCS even backs up the sale with a one-year warranty to provide greater peace of mind.

Turn your Surplus Low Voltage Switchgear into a Profit Stream

What about all those low voltage switchgear products you might have at your facility that you don’t have a need for any longer? Here’s a money-making idea to improve your business’s bottom line: sell your surplus low voltage switchgear to BCS instead of keeping it around to collect dust. BCS buys surplus low voltage switchgear at a fair price. You’ll clear out unwanted inventory while giving a boost to your balance sheet at the same time. And these days, who doesn’t need a little extra income flowing in?

Gold Standard Low Voltage Switchgear Service

BCS is in the business of selling switchgear. However, BCS also understands that to stay in business, there is more to long-term success than just making a sale. That’s why BCS places a strong focus on delivering superior service at discounted prices for every low voltage switchgear product we sell.

BCS is recognized as a leading repair facility for used low voltage switchgear products. And to provide fast and reliable field service, BCS has also partnered with NPD for your on-site repair needs. As a nationwide supplier and servicer of low voltage switchgear equipment, your facility is never too far away to receive the gold standard service you deserve.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about how BCS can meet your low voltage switchgear needs, call or email for a free quote today. If you have questions or concerns, our expert team is willing to take the time to provide the answers you need. You are under no obligation to make a purchase. Discover for yourself what businesses across the country already know: BCS is the company to call for new or used low voltage switchgear products and service.

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